The Most Important Features For a Triathlon Swimsuit


There’s nothing like swimming in open water effortlessly. That’s why it is crucial to select the perfect swimsuit when participating in a triathlon. So…what do athletes need to have in mind when looking to purchase the ideas swimsuit?

There are plenty of good-quality manufacturers to choose from, including Speedo, Zone3, 2XU, BlueSeventing among others. In spite of their distinctive characteristics, each of them will tick off most of the following qualities.


The type of material and thickness of the shoulders can impact. Better shoulder mobility can result in less muscular exhaustion and greater swim technique.


Full wetsuits are perhaps one of the most popular types of triathlon wetsuits. Yet, there are other types too. Consider the conditions you will be swimming in when deciding what type of suit to choose.

Speed and energy

Higher end wetsuits can actually provide an even better body position and less drag a more efficient swim. This can contribute to a much faster swim while saving more energy for cycling and running.


Buoyancy panels are normally found on different areas of wetsuits, which can help with better body position in the water. Wetsuits in the level of buoyancy they provide.


Zippers are more important than you might believe. For years, wetsuits zip down for removal, with the zip string placed near your neck and clamped in place by a strip of velcro.

This gives swimmers the advance of zipping themselves up, something particularly Handy if somebody tugs you suddenly during a race.


Most important than anything —Brand, cost, or design —, your swimsuit must fit. If it doesn’t, it could end up impacting negatively in the race. If it’s too loose, water might gush in and out and never warm up.

On the other hand, if it’s too tight, your stroke will be restricted, causing fatigue. You might know your size, but each manufactures cuts and binds differently. So, try on your options and make sure they fit you perfectly.  

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