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Getting the timing right is one of the most important factors for triathlon events, and this gathers up pace when the transitions are quicker.

Quicker transitions let the athlete focus entirely upon his performance and can result in positive outcomes wherein each fraction of a second matters.

Here are some tips to keep the transitions quicker in triathlon events.

Use a bright towel to localize your space

The tip sounds unique but helps you mark out your space while the event is on, so as to make a quicker transition for the event which follows.

Apply body creams before the race. Once you are wet, it’s a waste.

Body creams are unlikely to meet the purpose during the event and it is preferable to not spend any time on those while competing.

Wear full race attire while swimming.

This lets you quickly put on your shoes for the racing event once the swimming event is through.

Apply body glide to the ankle & calves and wrists & forearms before putting on your wetsuit.

A body glide keeps you comfortable while the event lasts and also reduces the chances of any abrasions at a later point in time.

Wear your timing chip under, not over your wetsuit to avoid getting it caught.

The timing chip enables you to analyze the event at a later point in time to help figure out the areas of improvement for enhanced performance. 

Set your sunglasses open inside your helmet

This lets the sunglasses set better such that the helmet and sunglasses are both a perfect fit and you can focus on speed, safety and input effort while cycling.

Set the helmet upside down on the bike or ground with the clasp open.

This ensures more safety for the helmet and keeps it cleaner for the next use.

Triathlon cycling shoes are made to be easy to put on.

Sport-specific shoes are comfortable for events or training and let you get some hands-on running experience to make the transitions smoother.

Triathlon cycling shoes have a strap-on design that makes them easier to wear. They have large straps that are easy to adjust and heel loops make the transitions quicker. 

Attach your cycling triathlon shoes to your bike.

This enables you to access the shoes quickly when you intend to make the transition.

Use a race belt, if a bib is required on the bike.

Using a race belt makes it easier to attach the racing number instantly to your kit. 

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