[Awesome] Handmade swimming pool from scratches

Swimming Pool Finished

The weather of Earth is so hot due to global warming. UV (Ultraviolet Rays of suns are now not turnable.

So, people are thinking and searching for ways to prevent it. This is a video about 2 guys solve this problem for themselves by making homemade swimming pools from scratches.

This is awesome. You may also like this my dear friends.

handmade swimming pool

They make a swimming pool in 70-90 yards the depth of swimming pool is approx 4 feet.

And they made a small shelter in the center of swimming pool with the help of bamboo. Swimming pool is in the boundary of shelter.
They are digging a hole after some time it looks like a rectangle.

handmade bricks

Then one of them go to the pond and take mud form there are come here. They know cement is present in this mud they make blocks and dry the mud . Some time later the mud blocks look like cement blocks .

Swimming Pool Bridge

They paste in boundary of digging rectangle. After this they make a bridge with the help for wood logs To go inside the underground room. They sown grass outside the underground house and lastly. They filled the pool with pool and enjoy.

Swimming Pool with water

This is awesome swimming pool made by children.you can use your brain to make more cool things than this . You can also see video on internet of this swimming pool.

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2 thoughts on “[Awesome] Handmade swimming pool from scratches”

  1. If your pool is situated in a location which gets a high quantity of debris every day, then selecting a solid above ground pool cover like a framed style with a lengthy overhang would be best. Once it is complete.

  2. If your pool is going to be covered when not being used, a more compact capacity filter might be suitable. Above ground, pools stay portable also, even if they’re placed in 1 spot in the yard.


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