ITU Triathlon Calendar 2024

Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with adrenaline, determination, and breathtaking landscapes? The ITU Triathlon Calendar for 2024 is here, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to challenge your limits or a triathlon enthusiast eager to follow the action, this guide will navigate you through the most exhilarating triathlon events of 2024.

From the iconic sands of Abu Dhabi to the historic streets of Hamburg, prepare to be inspired by a year packed with top-tier triathlon events across the globe.

Starting Strong in Abu Dhabi

Kick off the year with a splash, cycle, and sprint at the WTCS Abu Dhabi event, scheduled for 8-9 March. This sprint distance race, complete with a Mixed Relay, offers a unique blend of urban landscapes and competitive spirit.

The Journey Continues in Yokohama

By 11 May, the series takes us to Yokohama, where athletes will compete in a standard-distance race. Yokohama’s picturesque setting provides a backdrop that’s as competitive as it is scenic.

Experience the Charm of Cagliari

On 25-26 May, the action moves to Cagliari. Athletes will tackle another standard distance challenge, testing their endurance against the stunning backdrop of this historic Italian city.

Mid-Year Highlights: Hamburg and Montreal

July brings us to Hamburg (13-14 July), known for its sprint distance race and engaging Mixed Relay. Then, in September, Montreal takes centre stage (14-15 September) with its sprint distance challenge and Mixed Relay, promising fierce competition and unforgettable moments.

The Grand Finale in Malaga

The climax of the ITU Triathlon Calendar 2024 is the World Triathlon Championship Finals in Malaga, from 17-20 October. Athletes will battle it out over a standard distance course in this picturesque Spanish beach city, marking a fitting end to a year of intense competition.

Beyond the Championship Series

The ITU Triathlon Calendar isn’t just about the championship series. 2024 also features a variety of World Cup events, Mixed Relay competitions, and Para Triathlon races across the globe – from the debut of Samarkand as a World Cup host to the multisport marvel in Townsville, Australia.

Join the Adventure

Whether you’re an athlete aiming to compete, a fan looking to support your favourites, or someone inspired to start your triathlon journey, the ITU Triathlon Calendar 2024 has something for everyone. These events not only showcase the physical prowess and mental strength of the athletes but also the beauty and diversity of the host cities.

Stay tuned to the official World Triathlon website and the World Triathlon Championship Series site for more details on each event, including how to watch the races live, participate, or join in the festivities. Let’s embrace the spirit of triathlon together in 2024!

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