5 tips to improve your swimming

If you would like to improve your swimming but you don’t know how to do it, It’s very usual. Many times We watch swimmers who have been swimming for ages and have their great technique has cost a lot of hours of training sessions. Here you have some tips to improve it:

1. Low forward resistance

We should always work in a position that is as hydrodynamic as possible, that is, a position that is flat and parallel to the surface of the water. A very common mistake is swimming with your head raised too high.

This causes the trunk and legs to fall, so we provide greater forward resistance. To avoid this, we should start swimming from a deeper angle of the head. Moving it is the only and essential breathing to make the appearance more oblique than the diagonal. This will automatically raise the hips and legs, thereby reducing the resistance to advancement

2. Help with your body

Usually, we swim too flat, that is, we do not use the body’s rotating motion on its longitudinal axis to extend our hands further along the stroke, and apply more force during the underwater phase. We don’t help ourselves like we treat the body, we just pull with our arms. It would be convenient to do a lot of neutral work, insist on rotating the main body on the longitudinal or rolling axis to make it move forward more straightforwardly, and use the whole main body to apply force so that it can be used by hand.

The hand that slides forward and accelerates backwards can complete the game better.

3. Find effective support

The lack of effective support in the water is one of the basic mistakes of swimming and one of the key factors hindering the development of the aquatic environment. Maybe it is not just a mistake, but it can be improved by the perception and perception of the hand under different support methods. If the hand is not well supported, it will drop and allow the elbow to fall, which will destroy the correct position of the arm to grab the water and move it backwards.

It is important to know where we are and how to achieve effective swimming, always trying to find “dead water” or “solid” water. For this reason, boating underwater is a good way to practice.

4. ways to avoid asymmetry in swimming

The asymmetry that may occur in swimming is also a common mistake. It is common that one hand is overly crossed or overspread with respect to the other. This error can be solved by the following methods: study the contrast of opening and closing, realize the two extremes, perceive them, and then try to make it into the height of the shoulder.

5. Don’t lower your elbow too much

The elbow is too low during the air recovery phase, keeping it below the hand height is another common mistake. Therefore, in order to recover the elbows higher, the following exercises will be interesting: Swimming is a sport for practical purposes, whether it is to survive or to stay healthy. In addition, it brings countless benefits to those who practice it.

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