This Gym Workout is as a Triathlon

Running a triathlon is one of the most engaging ways to keep active. It is also the hardest. By taking on the three elements of swimming, cycling and running, athletes and sports enthusiasts must keep themselves fit and be able to keep their energy as much as possible.

There are many training workouts and training techniques designed to improve competitors’ chances of winning the race, or at least, maximize their individual performance.

Formula 3 is the latest workout designed with the triathlon in mind. This full-body conditioning circuit prepares your body and gets it working at high intensity.

As you train, you become ready by working out in three completely different ways, which makes Formula 3 the equivalent gym routine of a triathlon.

Luke Barnsley, trainer and the creator of Formula 3, describes the high-impact routine as a 50-minute killer workout.

Each class has three distinct components: rowing, kettlebell work, and bodyweight work. Every component lasts between 4 to 5 minutes and is revisited 3 times.

Formula 3 will get you triathlon-ready by increasing your cardiovascular power, improving your VO2 max and lowering your resting heart rate with time. What’s more, the workout will put you in shape, shredding your body.

The full Formula 3 workout is available at Third Space City, London. However, you can start by following the basic rowing-kettlebell-bodyweight formula. A great way to start would be:

1) One-leg kettlebell stiff-legged deadlift

Grab a kettlebell and hold it in front of your tight. Stand on one leg (the same side as the hand that is holding the equipment).

You will need to push the other leg behind you, then lean forward and place the kettlebell on the ground. This sequence can be repeated 4 times.

2) Kettlebell thruster

You hold two kettlebells so the weight is resting on the back of your shoulder. Then, you bend your knees and squat down and up. You can also start with 4 repetitions.

3) Rowing Machine

Row straight for 4 minutes at your maximum effort.

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