Crossfit for Triathletes

These days CrossFit has gained international attention with its explosive growth of affiliate gyms, the members who attend them, and the recent exposure of the CrossFit games on Sports channel.

With this attention comes both the enthusiast who praises the program and the person who questions its safety.

When it is done correctly, CrossFit can be a fun, invigorating, and intelligent strength and conditioning program that can help get athletes over a frustrating plateau of persistent injury and stale performance.

Here I will tell you some good CrossFit program that can add to your triathlon training to help make you a stronger, faster and healthier athlete.

Benefits of Crossfit for Triathletes

  • CrossFit programs start with an intensive series of sessions that teach you how to do basic movements like the squat, deadlift, press, jump/land, and Olympic lift effectively. These movements are all very technical and, while there is a learning curve, they challenge the athlete’s coordination and motor control.
  • CrossFit builds greater strength, power, agility, and speed.
  • CrossFit develops and builds true functional strength.
  • To be functional, an exercise should be natural, develop a full range of motion, and promote core-to-extremity movement and mid-line stability.
  • Functional strength does not need to be sport specific. It should focus on building your general physical capacity with multi-joint movements that you already do day to day.
  • With an improved ability to pull, push, squat, deadlift, jump and even throw, you will approach your sport with greater levels of strength, power, body awareness and confidence.
  • CrossFit develops skills that transfer to our specific sports.
  • At CrossFit, functional exercises can and should contribute to better swimming, biking and running. With a good CrossFit coach and program, your understanding of hip and knee mechanics will translate to better run and pedaling mechanics. Your understanding of shoulder mechanics will enhance your swim pull and power.
  • Find a qualified gym, with a good coach, and discover first hand how CrossFit can intelligently elevate your game as an endurance athlete.

Yes, CrossFit is good for Triathletes…

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