Best Brick Triathlon Workouts

Brick Triathlon workouts are when athletes switch from training in one discipline straight into another, bike to run for example. Triathlon bricks can benefit your personal performance as they are very time-efficient.

When you swim, bike or run, you waste time; you need to get changed, shower, drive to the gym, etc. The beauty of brick workouts is that they allow you to group some of your training sessions together and cut the time down.

Another great benefit of brick triathlon workouts is that they prepare your body for the specific race-day requirements of a regular triathlon. Bike/run workouts will make the transition from cycling to running much easier.

Below you will find the best brick workouts specially designed for triathletes.

Olympic distance triathlon/endurance brick workout:

  • Bike for about 90 minutes or 2 hours at a steady, chatting pace.
  • Then, switch to running for 30 minutes at the same pace.

Sprint distance triathlon/brick speed workout:

This particular workout will require you to repeatedly switch from cycling to running.

  • You should start by cycling for 15 minutes at an easy pace. Then, bike for 8 minutes and keep going
  • Run for 4 minutes at target sprint triathlon race pace, and then rest for 3 minutes.
  • Bike 7 minutes at target sprint triathlon race pace; run 3 minutes at target sprint triathlon race pace, and rest 60 seconds.
  • Finish with 5 minutes of easy cycling.

Half Ironman triathlon/endurance brick workout:

  • Bike for about 2 hours at a steady, intense pace.
  • Then, switch straight into running for 1 hour at the same pace.

Half Ironman triathlon/brick speed workout:

  • Bike for 1 hour and 10 minutes, including 2×20 minutes at a target pace.
  • Right after, run 20 minutes (15 minutes at target pace and 5 minutes of an easy jog).

Ironman distance triathlon/speed brick workout:

  • Bike 1 hour, which should include 2 x 15 minutes at your approximate 1-hour race pace.
  • Then, get straight into a 30-minute run (15 minutes at your approximate half-marathon race pace and 15 minutes of easy jogging).
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