Beginner’s Triathlon Mistakes [Part 1]

Most triathletes suffer overuse or overtraining injuries, but acute traumatic injuries can also occur during an event or training.

No Mindset

Most of the students/athlete/person Do this mistake. They come in Triathlon by seeing others. People had craze of this Now a days. They come in Triathlon without mindset.

They buy Tri suits, triathlon bikes, clipless pedals, aero helmets, race wheels. In last they quit in a Triathlon because the exercises are too much tough and they come without mindset and they waste much money in this.

So, Firstly All athlete had to come with mindset. Otherwise they will crushed by practice of triathlon.

Not know the rules

There are some rules in triathlon. And you don’t know rules for the first time at the pre-race meeting. Here are some common rules that people break:

  • You must wear your helmet, with the chin strap buckled, at all times while on your bike. That includes before, during, and after the race. Don’t unrack your bike until your helmet is strapped!
  • No headphones during the swim, bike, or run.
  • On the bike, stay to the right unless you are passing.


Not Enough Base

Athletes tend to start the high intensity training much too soon in the season. If one is to make a mistake in training, make it on the side of developing too much aerobic endurance.

You had to need much stamina in your body. You had to recover/regain your Energy in Short time.

Stomach Issues

Most of the new athlete start taking Very powerful diet & stuff food. Stomach issues can lead to a very long, very miserable race day. So don’t try something new on race morning (or the night before).

Practice your race nutrition routine during weekend morning training, so you know what works on race day. You will not able to participate in race.

Set Goals Too Much High

People think that shooting for the stars means if they fall short they will still make it to the moon. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, this does just the opposite.

If the goal is obviously out of reach there is no motivation to even try for it. It just becomes wishing and hoping. Goals must be just barely out of reach to be effective.

This information mentioned above is merge of my personal experience & from internet. Thank you for reading. 2nd part will published soon.

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